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Who We Are

We understand that pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of your family. That’s why our house pet sitter company in Lakewood, CO, ensures they get all the snuggles and playtime while you are away.

Our pet-sitting company in Lakewood, CO, is committed to delivering top-notch services that cater to a wide range of needs. From dog walking to overnight cat sitting, we offer various pet care services to keep your pets active, comfortable, and safe while you attend to your commitments.

We take pride in our house pet sitters in Lakewood, CO, who are dedicated and experienced professionals who are genuinely passionate about animals. Our in-home pet-sitting service in Lakewood, CO, has a team that undergoes extensive training in pet care, behavior, and safety protocols to ensure your pets receive the highest care and attention.

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Our Services

Area of Expertise

Dog Walking

If you’re looking online for a pet sitter near me in Lakewood, CO to take your dogs for everyday walks with the same trusted walker every time, then we are the one you need to call.

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Puppy Sitting

Not only do we offer pet-sitting services near me in Lakewood, CO, but we also provide puppy-sitting services with experts who know how to potty train and manage behavioral issues.

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Dog Sitting

You can find an in-home pet sitter near me in Lakewood, CO, for a dog at our company who can shower your furry family member with love and provide nutritional meals.

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Cat Sitting

We ensure your kitty receives proper meals with our pet feeding services in Lakewood, CO, playtime, and purrs during each visit with our caring cat sitter, who will follow your cat’s routine.

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Quality Care for Furry Friends

We’re Your Trusted Pet Care Partner

When it comes to the well-being of your beloved pets, we understand the importance of finding a trusted pet care partner. That’s why we take pride in being the go-to choice for pet owners seeking exceptional care.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. With extensive training and a genuine love for animals, you can trust that your pets are in good hands. We prioritize their safety, well-being, and overall happiness, ensuring they receive the attention and affection they deserve.

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Our Testimonials

Review from Our Clients

"I'm immensely grateful to Unique Pet Sitters for their outstanding holiday pet-sitting service! Our dog Max needed proper attention, and they delivered exactly that. Their services let us enjoy our vacation without a single worry. The peace of mind they provided was priceless. I highly recommend Unique Pet Sitters for their exceptional care and professionalism."

Sarah Johnson

“Our beloved pup Bella got proper meals, bath, and playtime while I enjoyed my night out. I got frequent updates, and knowing she was in capable hands assured me to relax and fully enjoy my time away. I can't recommend Unique Pet Sitters enough for the peace of mind they offer. Bella’s wagging tails say the same.”

Michael Chen

“Unique Pet Sitters' dog walking service has been fantastic for our energetic pup, Luna. Their daily walks provide exercise and friendly conversation with the neighbor that she loves. If you want to make sure your buddy stays fit, they are the one to go to!”

Emily Rodriguez

"Our experience with Unique Pet Sitters' in-home cat sitting was fantastic. Kitty Oliver received top-notch care and genuine love and attention. We returned to a happy, healthy, and well-loved cat. Unique Pet Sitters exceeded our expectations, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow parents!"

David Miller

Our Furry Clients

Glimpses of Our Pet Care Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does your cat sitting include?

    Our services include fur brushing, feeding, litter box cleaning, playtime, administering medication, pet sitting, and playtime routines.

  • Do you offer dog-walking services?

    Absolutely! We provide dog walking services, ensuring your furry friend gets the exercise and socialization they need during the day. If you're seeking a reliable companion for your beloved pet, contact our team today!

  • What maintenance services do you offer during in-home pet sitting?

    We offer various maintenance services, including nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, and coat brushing to reduce shedding in cats and dogs.

  • Can you accommodate last-minute pet-sitting requests?

    While we recommend booking in advance, we do our best to accommodate last-minute requests whenever possible. Contact us, and we'll do our utmost to assist you.

  • What maintenance services do you offer for pets?

    We offer a range of maintenance services, including bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, coat brushing, and breed-specific styling.

  • Are your staff trained in pet first aid?

    Yes, our staff members are trained in pet first aid and have the knowledge to respond to emergencies promptly and effectively. Searching for pet care near me? Book your consultation today!

  • Can you administer specific dietary or medical requirements for my pet?

    Yes, we can! Our pet sitters are experienced in administering medications and following dietary guidelines. During the initial consultation, we'll gather all the necessary information to understand your and your pet’s requirements.

  • Are your pet sitters trained?

    Yes! We take the safety and well-being of your pets and home seriously, and our expert team skills in handling different breeds speak for themselves.

  • How often should I schedule dog walking services?

    The frequency of dog walking depends on your dog's energy level and exercise needs. We can discuss and recommend a suitable schedule based on your dog's requirements.

  • What measures are in place to handle pet emergencies during pet sitting or dog walking?

    In case of an emergency, we follow established protocols, contact you, and seek immediate veterinary care if necessary.