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Top Ways Dog Pet Sitting in Lakewood, CO Protects Your Dog from Summer Parasites

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Do you know that nationwide in the US, approximately 34% of dogs are infected with parasites? 54% chances of your dog getting parasites increases if you reside in Southeastern states. This is not only dangerous for your pets, but these parasites can also be transferred from your dog to you. With summer in full swing and dogs spending more time outside, it’s important to keep them safe. Here’s how dog pet-sitting in Lakewood, CO, can help you with this.

Dog Pet Sitting in Lakewood, CO: 6 Ways They Protect Dogs from Summer Parasites

1.     Regular Monitoring and Inspection

Expert dog sitters have been instructed to regularly check your dog’s coat and hair for evidence of parasites. This involves searching for ticks hiding in fur and spotting any indications of a flea infestation. Pet sitters are skilled at identifying these risks before they become more serious because early discovery is important for stopping these parasites from doing damage.

2.     Application of Preventative Treatments

After consulting with you, dog pet sitters can apply and administer preventative treatments, like flea and tick pills. These therapies have become essential for keeping parasites away and lowering the risk of infestation. Pet sitters make sure your dog gets the greatest protection possible by keeping up with the newest cleaning methods.

3.     Knowledge of Tick Habitats

Professional dog pets sitting in Lakewood, CO, have experience that allows them to know the places on a dog’s body where ticks can thrive. They not only keep dogs away from wooded regions like long grasses and bushes. They look for signs such as excessive scratching, redness, irritation, hair loss, vomiting, or diarrhea.

4.     Scheduled Walks and Playtimes

Pet caretakers set up strict timetables for walks and outdoor games. While parasites are active throughout the day during cooler times like early morning or late evening, their activity is reduced. By scheduling walks during this time, the experts reduce the risk of fleas and tick encounters.

5.     Keeping Dogs Clean

Preventing parasites in your dog also involves keeping them clean and hygienic. Dog pet sitting in Lakewood, CO, make sure to bathe dogs regularly. Apart from that, they also clean the toys and bedding they use.

6.     Administering Preventative Medication

Regular use of preventative medication is one of the most efficient ways to avoid heartworm disease. Dog pet sitters make sure your dog gets his recommended heartworm preventive on time. These medications function by eliminating mosquito-transmitted heartworm eggs before they have a chance to develop into adult worms.

Wrap Up

By combining attentive observation, preventive treatments, local knowledge, cleanliness, education, and emergency readiness, dog pet sitting in Lakewood, CO, provides thorough protection against summertime parasites. With professionals, you can rest assured that your dog will enjoy summertime activities while being safe.

Don’t let your dog’s walks go ruined because of parasites. Trust our experts at Unique Pet Sitters to keep them safe. We are here to provide your dog the care, love, and protection your dog deserves.

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