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Holiday Pet Sitting

Keeping Your Furry Friends with Love

Pets feel lonely when you are away, making you worry about their well-being and happiness. Our holiday pet-sitting services in Lakewood, CO, can provide the attention they need, allowing you to stay stress-free during your busy hours. We have a team of well-trained professionals who know how, when, and what to give your pet according to their needs and time.

What Do We Offer?

1.   Holiday Pet Sitting

Our services are designed to accommodate your travel plans during the busiest times of the year. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or any other holiday, we’ll be there to provide reliable and compassionate care for your pets.

2.   Winter Break

Planning a winter getaway? Our winter break pet-sitting services in Lakewood, CO, are the perfect solution for pet parents who need assistance during the school break. Whether you’re traveling to visit family or hitting the slopes for a ski vacation, we’ll ensure your pets are well-cared for in the comfort of their own home.

3.   Weekend Dog Sitting

Weekends are for relaxation and fun, but that doesn’t mean your pets should be left alone. Our weekend dog-sitting services in Lakewood, CO, are ideal for pet parents who have weekend getaways or events planned. Whether it’s a quick overnight trip or a weekend-long excursion, we’ll provide reliable care for your canine companions.

4.   Seasonal Pet Sitting

From summer vacations to festive celebrations, our seasonal pet-sitting assistance in Lakewood, CO, provides services for pet owners who need to travel. Be it a weekend getaway or an extended trip, we ensure your journey is stress-free, knowing your pets are in safe hands. Seasonal pet sitting includes daily walks, feeding, exercise, and even medication, according to the specific needs of each pet.

How Do We Take Care of Your Pets?

Pet sitting for an extended period, especially during holidays, may involve managing your pet’s phobias and fears. If your pet has fears, don’t worry because we are here to accommodate them. Here’s how we address pets with phobias during our pet-sitting services:

1.   Create a Safe Environment

We create a safe and comfortable environment for pets by minimizing triggers and providing familiar comforts. This may include keeping them in a quiet area away from noise and commotion, providing their favorite toys or blankets, and maintaining a consistent routine.

2.   Gradual Desensitization

We use gradual desensitization techniques to help pets overcome their fears over time. This involves exposing them to their triggers in a controlled and gradual manner, starting with low-intensity exposure and gradually increasing the level of exposure as they become more comfortable. If your cat is showing you aggressive behavior or your dog displays unusual habits, our vacation pet-sitting services in Lakewood, CO, can provide behavioral guidance for your better understanding.

3.   Positive Reinforcement

How satisfying is it to receive praise and appreciation for doing something right? Well, pets feel the same way! We use positive reinforcement! A technique to reward pets for calm and relaxed behavior. This includes offering treats, praise, and favorite toys for showing good behavior. That’s right, we tap into their psychology! Encouraging them to exhibit calmness with positive outcomes.

4.   Avoidance of Triggers

Are you aware of what tends to set your pet off? Well, in most cases, the best strategy is to avoid or reduce exposure to a pet’s triggers altogether. We help pet owners identify these triggers and create effective strategies for avoiding them whenever possible. You’d be surprised by how much happier and relaxed your pet will be when those triggers are avoided!

Trusted Pet Care Professionals

You can count on us! Our pet sitters are experienced and trained to handle your pets carefully. Enjoy your holidays, and rest assured, we will take care of your pets. Contact us today and let our experts in holiday season pet-sitting services in Lakewood, CO, meet and familiarize with your pets first so that they don’t feel stressed! Want to learn more about your pet’s behavior? We help you understand their actions and create a happier and stress-free environment for your cuddly companion. Give us a call today!