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Puppy Sitting

Creating Your Pups Happy Hours

As a pet owner, you understand how important it is to ensure your furry friend is well taken care of, especially during busy social events. Our in-event puppy sitting services in Lakewood, CO, can give your pups the time they want while you enjoy your gatherings, knowing your puppy is in safe and loving hands.

When Pups Face Separation Anxiety?

Puppies often experience separation anxiety when their owners are away. This can be particularly stressful during events when the environment is unfamiliar and their usual routines are disrupted. Our puppy sitting during parties in Lakewood, CO, ensures that your puppy has constant companionship and attention, minimizing anxiety and helping them feel secure and comfortable.

Essential Things We Train Your Puppy

Basic Obedience Commands

We teach your puppy basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” which can help them learn self-control and make it easier for you to manage them in various situations. We also teach commands like “leave it” and “drop it” to prevent your puppy from picking up harmful objects or engaging in undesirable behaviors.

Recognizing Signals

Our puppy-sitting services for parties in Lakewood, CO, can also train your puppy to recognize and signal when they need to go potty or show discomfort, reducing the likelihood of accidents in the house.

Potty Training

If you don’t train your pup, they will pee and poop in different areas. We help establish a consistent routine, training your puppy to go outside or use designated indoor potty areas at specific times.

Interacting with Other Dogs

Proper socialization helps your puppy become comfortable around other dogs. Our puppy-sitting services at social events in Lakewood, CO, provide controlled, positive interactions with other puppies and adult dogs to build confidence and good social skills.

People and Environments

Our puppy-sitting services for gatherings in Lakewood, CO, expose your puppy to different people, environments, and experiences, helping to prevent fear and anxiety. We introduce your puppy to various things, sounds, and situations to ensure they are well-adjusted and adaptable.

Leash Training

It teaches your puppy to walk calmly on a leash without pulling. This is necessary for enjoyable and safe walks, making outings with your puppy more pleasant. We train your puppy to respond to basic commands while on a leash, ensuring they remain attentive and well-behaved during walks.

Crate Training

This provides your puppy with a safe and comfortable space where they can rest and relax. We teach your puppy to view the crate as a positive environment, not a place of confinement.

Managing Separation Anxiety

Proper crate training can help manage and prevent separation anxiety. We gradually acclimate your puppy to spending time alone in the crate, reducing stress and promoting independence.

How Do We Set Your Pups Routine

Consistent Feeding Times

Regular Exercise

Training Sessions

Potty Breaks

Rest and Sleep

If you’re planning an event and need a reliable, event-based puppy sitting in Lakewood, CO, contact Unique Pet Sitters!