Pet Sitting Services Near Me

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Pet Sitting Services Near Me for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

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Pet Sitting Services Near Me

We all need to go on with our work or daily errands, and some of us who have dogs require assistance as we cannot just leave them alone or in anyone’s not-so-good hands, especially if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.
This is when you can use pet sitting services near me, as not only do they know how to keep your dog company while you are gone and can also help them overcome their separation anxiety.

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Before we jump right into the questions, let’s take a look at what separation anxiety is. It is a psychological condition where the pet exhibits extreme distress and behavioral problems when they are separated from their owners. They can become anxious the minute their handler leaves the house and, in severe cases, might even harm themselves while trying to escape their home.


1. Excessive barking or howling
2. Attempting to escape the house
3. Pacing or panting
4. Destructiveness
5. Chewing excessively
6. Self-harm in extreme cases

Suppose you find your dog exhibiting the symptoms mentioned above. In that case, hiring professional pet sitting services near me is essential to ensure they receive the care they need when you’re not home.

Importance of Choosing the Right Pet Sitting Services Near Me

Hiring a pet-sitting service can provide many benefits, including calming your dog and giving them the companionship and support they might need during their distressed condition.
They will pay attention to your dog’s behavior and keep them engaged and relaxed with activities such as walking, playing, or helping them fall asleep until you return home.

Vital Questions to Ask Pet Sitting Services Near Me Before Hiring Them

Before you go on and hire just anyone, you need to be sure that the individual who will be handling your dog understands the nature of separation anxiety and has the knowledge to assist both you and your dog in overcoming challenges.
The following are some of the essential questions to ask your potential pet sitter at the time of hiring:

1. Their Expert Insights and Capabilities

At the time of consultation, you can ask the pet-sitting company important questions like “Have you guys ever worked with clients whose dogs suffer from separation anxiety?” or “How do you deal with such pets?”.
Talk to them about the symptoms and severity of your dog’s condition and ensure that the pet sitter is well-trained to recognize and manage your dog’s separation anxiety behaviors.

2. Understanding Their Approach to Separation Anxiety

Another important question you need to ask pet sitting services near me is about the strategies they use to tackle anxiety. Ask about the strategies they undertake to help pets cope with their stress and any of their previous examples where they successfully handled dogs with separation anxiety.

3. Their Safety and Security Measures

Don’t forget to ask questions about the safety and security protocols they will follow. You can ask about the kind of environment they will create for your dog, their calming techniques, and how they will monitor your dog’s behavior and prevent triggering their anxiety.

4. Communication Strategy and Progress Reports

In case you are leaving home for weeks, ask whether they are open to regular updates and communication with you throughout the day or will give you the progress report at the end of the day.
Also, you can tell them that you want to be more secure and cautious and monitor your house through your CCTV camera footage to keep yourself relieved while you are away from your dog.

5. Discuss Their Readiness for Emergencies

A key factor to inquire about is their readiness for handling emergencies. When hiring pet sitting services near me, ask them how ready they will be to be on their foot in case of any emergency. Discuss how they would handle unexpected situations or when your dog’s anxiety worsens.
Questions like Are they well-equipped to handle emergencies? Whether they have interactive toys or treat-dispensing puzzles to keep your dog mentally stimulated or have calming aids to soothe your dog’s nerves.

6. Address Pricing and Payment Choices

Once you have decided to hire pet sitting services near me, be sure to be clear about the fees associated with the services and the payment methods they follow. You can also ask about additional charges relating to their services and how much tax will be applied to make the payment process transparent.

Final Note

Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional care for your pet’s separation anxiety. Make sure you invest time into finding the right services to avoid mistakes and errors that compromise your dog’s safety.
Asking these six questions will assist you in finding reliable pet sitting services near me. If you have more questions, get in touch with Unique Pet Sitters. Visit our website to learn how our dedicated team can help alleviate your pet’s distress.

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