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6 Tips on How to Prepare Your Shy Dog for Dog Walking Services in Lakewood CO

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”Josh Billings.

Introducing a dog walker into your shy dog’s routine can have a huge impact on them. The walker can make sure they receive the exercise and attention they need to thrive. Many dog owners struggle to balance their busy schedules with their dog’s needs. Professional dog walking services in Lakewood, CO, address this by offering a reliable way to guarantee the happiness and well-being of your furry friend.

6 Easy Ways to Ready Your Shy Dog for Dog Walking Services in Lakewood, CO

1.     Gradual Introduction

Slowly introduce your dog to the dog walker. To begin with, plan for the walker to visit your dog in a comfortable and familiar setting, like your house. Doing this lets your dog adjust to the new person and connect them with good things.

2.     Positive Reinforcement

Use positive reinforcement tactics to make the dog walker’s presence associated with positive things. When your dog behaves well with the walker, give them praise or treats. This reduces worry and builds trust.

3.     Short Walks Initially

To assist your dog in becoming used to being with the expert from dog walking services in Lakewood CO, start with short walks. When your dog gets more used to the walks, gradually extend the duration of them. With this method, you may avoid overpowering your shy dog and let them gain confidence at their speed.

4.     Consistency

When dealing with a shy dog, consistency is key. Maintain a regular walking schedule and try to make it as predictable as you can. Regular schedules will allow the walker to bond with the dog. This will contribute to reducing the anxiousness in dogs, and they will feel safer.

5.     Communication with the Walker

Talk candidly about your dog’s personality and any potential triggers with the dog walker. Tell them about the things that help you relax and the commands that they seem to obey. It helps the dog walker better understand your dog and adjust their methods accordingly.

6.     Desensitization to Equipment

Some dogs, especially those who are nervous, could feel uneasy wearing new gear like harnesses or leashes. Well, before the first walk, they take it with the expert from dog walking services in Lakewood, CO. It’s advised that you gently introduce these objects to your dog. The first step is to place the equipment where your dog may see it and smell it without feeling compelled to use it.

Wrap Up

To prepare your shy dog for dog walking services in Lakewood, CO, it’s important to be patient, use positive reinforcement, and gradually introduce them to new situations. Once your shy dog gets comfortable with the expert, you can rest assured that your dog will be secure and well taken care of.

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