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4 Reasons to Choose Private Cat Sitter in Lakewood CO, Over Cat Boarding Facilities

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Have you ever wondered why your cat seems to prefer lounging on your favorite chair or curling up in that sunlit corner of the living room? Cats are not just choosy by accident; they are extremely attached to their familiar surroundings and are creatures of habit. Their strong need for security and control is why they prefer the familiar, which is more than just about comfort. Understanding why cats thrive in familiar environments helps to explain why hiring a private cat sitter in Lakewood, CO, could be the ideal choice instead of placing them in boarding facilities.

Why Choose Private Cat Sitter in Lakewood, CO, Over Boarding

1.     Familiar Surroundings

Keeping your cat in the familiar and cozy surroundings of their own house is one of the primary benefits of hiring a private cat sitter. Because cats are persistent individuals, they feel less stressed and anxious when they are in a familiar setting. Unlike boarding facilities, where cats might come across strange environments and other animals, a private cat sitter offers personalized care in the very comfort of your home.

2.     One-on-One Attention

Based on your cat’s passions, health requirements, and personality, hiring private cat sitters in Lakewood CO, is a great option. Cat sitters can provide one-on-one attention, for example, if your cat needs special medicine, special dietary requirements, or wants to play. This is not the case in boarding facilities, where they have to take care of multiple animals at one time and may not be able to give as much personal attention.

3.     Stress-Busting Companions

Since cats can be sensitive to environmental changes, taking them to a boarding facility could be stressful for them. Additionally, at a boarding facility, your cat runs the risk of catching diseases from other animals. By staying home with a private cat sitter, your cat’s separation anxiety may be reduced, they can remain in their familiar environment, and the risk of contracting common illnesses found in boarding facilities is minimized.

4.     Stay Connected with Your Pet

The biggest benefit of hiring private cat sitters in Lakewood, CO, is you can get timely updates from them. This perk isn’t available at a boarding facility. In case you are going on a long vacation, the cat sitter can send you daily visit reports, pictures, or videos so you can stay in touch and feel secure knowing your cat is content and safe at home. Boarding facilities often fall short of this standard of transparency and communication, with updates sometimes being less regular or deep.

Wrap Up

While boarding facilities are great, many people use them actively. However, when we compare the options, hiring a private cat sitter in Lakewood, CO, is still better. This is because even when you are away, your feline baby will be in the comfort of home, receiving individualized attention, timely meals, and proper cleaning.

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